Itamae Bar Shunsai Kaiseki Course

This is a meal only course.
Drinks can be ordered separately.
料金3,850 yen (tax included) per person
⚫Broad bean paste
Steamed snow crab, new potatoes, cod sprouts
⚫ Firefly squid and consommé simmered spring seasonal vegetables Salad
(Awaji new onion, spring cabbage, shiitake mushroom, asparagus, carrot)
strong dish
⚫Sakura sea bream and bamboo shoots with ponzu sauce
Meat dish
⚫Duck grilled with rock salt and homemade smoked pork bud sauce
fried food
⚫ Fried mackerel pickled in Saikyo kadaif
Brussels sprouts Sakura glutinous rice crackers
⚫Sakura Shrimp and Pickled Bonito Dashi Ochazuke
(sakura shrimp, pickled bonito, rape blossoms, petal lily root)
⚫ Yatsuhashi style of cherry ice cream
品数7 items

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