Itamae Bar Shunsai Kaiseki course has started!


[Itamae Bar Shunsai Kaiseki course has started! ]

¥3,850- per person
・Broad bean shavings
・Steamed snow crab
・New potatoes
・Cod sprouts

・Firefly squid and consommé simmered spring seasonal vegetables salad
(Awaji new onion, spring cabbage, shiitake mushroom, asparagus, carrot)

strong dish
・Cherry blossom sea bream and bamboo shoots with ponzu jelly

Meat dish
・Duck grilled with rock salt and homemade smoked pork bud sauce

fried food
・Deep-fried Japanese mackerel pickled kadaif
Brussels sprouts Sakura glutinous rice crackers

・Chazuke with sakura shrimp and pickled bonito
(sakura shrimp, pickled bonito, rape blossoms, petal lily root)

・Yatsuhashi style of cherry ice cream

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Itamae Bar Shinjuku LIVE・FISH・MARKET

Itamae Bar Hibiya LIVE・FISH・MARKET

Itamae Bar Tokyo Gourmet Zone

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